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Datums: 25/07/2020 16:25

Easy love portions and charms for both boyfriend(him) and girlfriend(her) and married couples(husband and wife).

Portion for love : portion of love is a spell cast in perfumes, creams and sprays, cocktail, oil, flower. When you apply the love portion on your body all your wishes will be fulfilled in your love life that means that you will be in control. Love portion can be applied daily to solve the loneliness

Charm of love : Charm for love is a spell cast in materials like necklaces, ear rings, bungles, beads, bracelet, amulet, clothing, stones and crystals then it will help in love attraction, rekindles love, love binding which last forever and stronger(rock) or for everlasting love, protection from evil and luck to get what you need in life. The powerful charm strengthen the love links and bonds, good luck and some times, its call charm love you to moon and back

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